Probability and Statistics

Subject Name:           Probability and Statistics

Subject code:            B01710130

Teacher:                     Prof. Yoshimasa Takahashi

Year grade:               2

Term:                        Fall

Credit:                      2 (Required subject)



1. Terminology

2. Definition of probability

3. Bernoulli trial and binomial distribution

4. Conditional probability

5. Stochastic variable and probability distribution

6. Continuous random variable

7. Normal distribution

8. Expectation value and variance (for discrete random variable)

9. Expectation value and variance (for continuous random variable)

10. Chebyshev's inequality and law of large number

11.Statistical estimation(1)

12.Statistical estimation(2)

13.Statistical test(1)

14.Statistical test(2)

15. Cocluding Remark



Office:  F-303 (Ext. 6878)